18 Aug 2014

So, It's Been A While.......

The last couple of months have been......strange, I don't really know how else to describe it. So I'll explain what I've been up to since my last post.

Summer Arrived.

I've never really been a summer loving type of girl, The sun is suppose to make you happy and to motivate you but in all honesty it doesn't have that effect on me. I hate the summer, mainly because it means stripping down into shorts and vests and well we all know I don't have the perfect body and I really admire those who do have the confidence to wear what they want and not care, but me, I hate showing skin, I'm much happier in a baggy jumper and thick leggings, I just feel more comfortable and it's not even because I'm worried about what people think, I couldn't care less, it's me, even in my own home I refuse to wear shorts or a vest (unless I have a cardigan over the top) I feel bare and humiliated by myself. I also hate summer because of the heat, now of course my clothing choices don't help but I'm one of those rare people who can't stand being hot and sweaty, I literally melt in the sun, after 5 minutes I'm looking for shade. I get headaches and feel sick, I literally can't think of anything worse than laying under the sun, hence why I'm so pale.....I can live with that though.

My 22nd Birthday.

So I turned 22, it was fun, I was spoilt as always and I did really enjoy myself.....but as each year goes by, it's another reminder of how little I've accomplished and the older I'm getting the harder and scarier it is becoming. 

Anxiety/Putting Things Off.

So for some reason, I've being putting everything off, even stupid little things like washing my hair....it's gross I know, but I've been supper sluggish and lazy, I feel so guilty about it and I know it's got to change. I've been putting off exercise which is why I probably feel lazy. I've been putting of my veterinary course, I've been putting off cleaning/tidying. I've been putting off going out anywhere. I pretty much just sleep and eat, it's really embarrassing for me to admit and the longer it keeps going on the harder things will become, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to sort this error in my life out.

Losing My Childhood Companion.

My beautiful Jasmine, she may have been an unusual dog, but if you got to know her like I did, she was special and she only allowed people she trusted and loved close to her heart and that wasn't many lol she was very protective. We lost her to cancer in the end, she was 13 years old and had a long happy life. It's hard not having her around, I was only 9 when we got her, shes been there through everything. Every house move, every argument and fallout and every celebration and laughter. I will dearly miss her and It will never feel the same without her.

Now for somethings a little more positive.


We decided to get another dog, my mum has always wanted a Caviler King Charles Spaniel, ever since she was a little girl. One night we happened to research into the breed a bit more, get a bit more information, price, temperament, health conditions, if they get on well with cats etc etc. It just so happened there was one little boy pup left about 8 miles down the road from us and it was the exact gender and colouring my mum wanted. We didn't want to get a puppy so soon, but after we thought about it, we kind of just felt as if it was meant to be, what are chances of the exact breed/gender and colouring to be so close to your home, and for it to be ready to be collected at that time. A lot of people would just say it's coincidence, but it felt a little like fate for us. Although we still miss Jasmine so very much, and it's still not the same without her. At least we have a little something to keep us occupied and positive while we get use to her not being around. 


So I may not be exercising, but at least I've kept my diet on track. I still only eat brown rice/ brown pasta, veg/salad and chicken/fish 99% of the times. I've even been adventurous and tried Quinoa and Courgettes....didn't think i'd like them but, turns out I actually do. I've been making a conscious effort to drink more water as I'm pretty terrible at this. I tend to fill up on fizzy and high sugared drinks, which I'm slowing cutting back on.....it's hard ok! I've had a few off days, where I've binged on chocolate but I don't let myself go off the rail, I tell myself it's ok in moderation, you've got to treat yourself a little, but it's about knowing when to stop, trust me, if you knew me 3 years ago......I've improved so much. 

Veterinary Course

I may have been putting it off more than I should be, but I am making progress, I've passed  3 tests so far and currently studying lesson 4. I think because Lesson 2 was such a long, and hard lesson, it took me ages and I found it really difficult getting my head around it, but I eventually did and i'm breaking the lessons up into sections which is helping a lot, instead of trying to cram it all in to my brain in one go....it just doesn't work. 

I know where i'm going/gone wrong and at least me recognizing that is something, so I can take the steps to put it right. I keep reminding myself how far I've come in the last couple of years and how much improvement I've made and not to let it all go to waste. I guess we all have bad days....weeks even months, but noticing the reasons why and not letting them drag us down is the best we can do. Constantly reassuring yourself it's ok to be down but tomorrow is a new day and you need to pick yourself up and try again, just keep trying, no matter how many times you fall or fail, one day, you may eventually succeeded even if it's a little later than everyone else, you still did it, in your own unique way. 

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25 Jun 2014

It's a GlossyBox Thing - June 2014

I recently had my 22nd birthday and after receiving an email from glossybox about their current special offer (more on that later) I decided to treat myself to the monthly subscription with some of my birthday money.
So what is glossybox? Well it's a little box with 5 beauty goodies inside, skincare to fragrance, make-up to hair care, it covers a whole range of little treats.

I first heard of glossybox when my Aunt bought a couple of them as christmas presents last year for me and my sister, we were fascinated by this box, not knowing what it was, we were so excited to open them but my mum made sure we waited to christmas. I then did some research online and loved this idea of being sent beauty products for you to try before you invest and buy the full sized products, the website itself is very appealing and I was pretty much sold on the idea, but before I went ahead and became a member I wanted some feedback from actual people, who have experienced the glossybox treatment and was it even worth it?

It was pretty much mixed reviews, some people loved it while other's not so keen and thought it was/is a waste of money, the main reason for this is because you don't get to choose your products it's literally pot luck, you don't know what will be in your box each month, now to some, this idea is brilliant it's like getting a birthday present every month but to other's it's pointless because how do you know if you're going to like the product, but for me I think that's the whole idea, if you are one of those people who like to try new things and can never find or settle on just one mascara product or one moisturiser etc then it's a nice idea. Another reason why people didn't like it was because the website claims to give you "premium branded" products and this is not always the case, the company is sponsored/in partnership with many brands, some premium and some high street, you're not always going to get premium products because then there would be no profit in it for them. A lot of people also complained about the sizes of the products, once again it is a very random thing, the idea is they send you samples, enough product for you try and if you like it, you can buy the full size, but some of the sample sizes are very stingy and you barely get one use out of them, yet on the other hand they sometimes send you the full size products for you to try, I guess it depends on the deal they've made with the brand itself.

So after reading into it, I thought maybe it's not really worth it, as some months you can be really happy with what you get and other's feel like you've been ripped off big time, this made my mind up and decided not to go ahead, however I did subscribe to their newsletter as they promised to email you with upcoming limited edition boxes (one off buys) and offers/discount codes.

Now back to that offer I got! So it was friday afternoon and I was going through my emails, getting rid of spam, junk you know the usual, when I came across an email from glossybox. It promised a free box when you sign up to a subscription and I thought that was pretty good offer and I had always wanted to try them out....so I convinced myself into signing up (Didn't take much did it? ha)

When you sign up you have 4 choices:

  • Monthly Plan - £10 per box, per month (+ £3.25 postage) = £13.25 every month
  • 3 Month Plan - £9.50 per box per month (+ £3.25 postage) = £38.25 every 3 months
  • 6 Month Plan - £9 per box, per month (+ £3.25 postage) = £73.50 every 6 months
  • 12 Month Plan - £8.50 per box, per month (+ £3.25 postage) = £141 every year
Although cheaper I didn't want to commit to an upfront cost if it was going to be a one time thing for the sake of saving £1.50 so I went ahead with the monthly plan as you can unsubscribe/cancel anytime. I added my discount code which was JUNEOFFER (If any of you want to subscribe before the end of June) and was then asked a few questions about my appearance (skin type, colour, eye colour, hair colour, what products you prefer etc.) I guess so they know what you like and what colours to send and that was pretty much it, they then sent out my box, which arrived lunch time today.

When it arrived I was so excited to see what I had got, I must say the gift wrap and packaging is very posh, it's lovely (although mine was a little battered on the edge, through transmit) and the best thing is you can reuse the boxes as little gift boxes when giving a present to a friend, or use it as a photograph box, writing box, you could do all sorts with them. 

This is what the box looks like once opened: 

You get a Welcome card, a cute little magazine, another card with a list of your products, stating how much they retail at and how you use them. The products are wrapped in black tissue paper with a cute sticker keeping it together and a lovely satin ribbon bow around for decoration, It's lovely isn't it?

Here are my products on a bed of black shredded tissue paper:
So here we have, a mascara, a deodorant, a make-up brush, a nail polish and a concealer palette, oh it's so exciting :D 

Nailgirls 3-in-1 base/topcoat and nail strengthener.  

This product is a new launch (not sure if it's out yet) the full size which is 15ml retails at £13.50 and I was given a 10ml bottle, now I think that is a generous amount, it's 2/3rds of the full size and nail polishes do go quite far. I'm excited to try this as I'm always looking for a decent nail base coat and strengthener as I have quite weak brittle nails. 

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush.

This is a full size product, I guess being a make-up brush you can't give sample sizes haha, it retails for around €19 (about £15) I don't think I would ever spend that amount on a make-up brush so i'm guessing it has to be a good one? or at least a good brand, I've never heard of it but I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like. 

L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Black

This is a full size product, retailing at £10.99. I found it quite funny when I saw this as it's the mascara I currently use, I've tried various mascara's and never found one as good as this so I always end up going back to it. I'm almost out of my current one so I was very happy to know I didn't have to pay for another one as this is quite a pricey mascara for a high street brand! 

So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad.

Once again it's a full sized product, this was the only product I knew I was getting, well it was between this and a So Susan blusher but I was secretly hoping I got this one so I'm very happy. It retails at £20 which would straight away put me off because that's a lot for concealer!! I probably won't use the darkest shade either as i'm so pale but I'm curious to see if this is everything it lives up to be. 

Rituals Qi Gong Spray.

According to my card this 50ml can is a full sized product that retails for £3.50, it's a 24 hour anti-perspirant spray which to me is very small for a deodorant, maybe it's one of those new compact cans. It does smell lovely though. Let's see how well it lasts. 

And that concludes my first GlossyBox, I must admit I am actually very happy with this months box, I definitely will try every product and there is a good selection of products as well as a lot of full sizes which from what I heard was quite rare, hopefully it's not just a one off. I now have to try these products and then fill in an online survey about them (this is optional) and I will then get 50 glossy points for each product I review, once I reach 1000 I get a free box! So basically for every 4 boxes you get, providing you leave feedback about every product you will then be entitled for a free box. 

I should receive my free box (from the offer code I used) in around 2 weeks and we shall see what treasures are hidden in there . I'm thinking I will keep my subscription for July as well and see what that also holds, and if they're both as good as this months I may just keep subscribed as so far It's proven worthy for me and I think knowing I have a little beauty box coming for me each month, I'll be less inclined to spend money in boots and superdrug, we shall see ha! What are your thoughts? Have you tried GlossyBox before? 

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17 Jun 2014

It's Officially Summer!

My younger sister had her last A-Level exam today, she has worked her butt of for the past 3 years and for the first time in what feels like forever she has no worries or work related problems to deal with until September when she goes off to uni. It's going to be our last proper summer together as she is leaving home and going to be a student nurse and I'll hopefully be qualified and working as a veterinary nurse by next year so we won't see each other on a daily basis which I'm going to find hard, as corny as it sounds she truly is my best friend and has always been there for me when I've needed her, it's going to be hard adjusting to life without seeing her regularly.

Sob story aside (I guess we have to grow up sometime ey?) we've come up with an awesome plan to spend (most of) the summer together, here is a list of things we want to do this summer.

  • Have a 3 course meal
  • Camp outside
  • Have a spa day
  • Roast marshmallows by a fire (It failed....they melted)
  • Have a movie marathon (In Pj's of course)
  • Make dreamcatchers
  • Go on a night out
  • Have a picnic
  • Baking day
  • Tie dye some t-shirts
  • Go to a museum
  • Go to a theme park/ zoo
  • Watch the stars at night while in a jacuzzi
  • Have a BBQ
  • Painting day
  • Trip to somewhere we haven't been before.
  • Get glitter tattoo's (Because I'm too scared to get a real one) 
  • Get a piercing
  • Let off chinese lanterns
  • Climb a tree lol
  • Play pool/bowling
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the seaside
  • Make jewelry/friendship bracelets 
  • Dance in the rain (It's british summer time duh)

We might not do all these things, and there could be things we add to the list as we go along. It's about being together and having fun. What plans do you have for the summer?

P.S It's my birthday in 24 hours and 15 mins :) (Not the time I was actually born, I can't remember that.)
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22 May 2014

Remembering The 90's, Oh Nostalgia!

I was born in 1992, so I spent the first 8 years of my life growing up in the 90's and they were literally the best of times. It was when kids actually went out to play, technology had only really begun so we had the best of both worlds. 

I've recently noticed that fashion at the moment is very "90's" which for me is awesome because I can revisit my childhood. It also made me think about all the other great things I had/did when I was a child, so I decided to do the 90's tag. Enjoy.

Q1) Favourite Disney Movie?

Easy! Beauty And The Beast. I would watch it over and over until my mum was sick of it. Apparently I would cry every time the beast died even though I knew he would turn into a prince I wanted him to stay as the beast, I fell in love with that guy. While everyone was crushing over the prince's I was crushing over the beast.....says a lot about me. It taught me never to judge someone by their appearance.....good on you Disney.

Q2) Favourite Music Artist/Band?

Just like most girls I was obsessed with The Spice Girls, I remember owning two t-shirts with them on one in black and the other bright orange, I would wear them all the time. Girl Power!

Q3) Favourite Jnr Show?

I had 3 favourite shows, I'm not really sure which one was my no.1 so I'll name them all. Tots TV, Raggy Dolls and Bananas In Pyjamas.

Q4) Favourite Sweet?

Hmmmm, I use to really love those 10p sherbert tubes you know the really long ones....well they seemed super long when I was small, I also use to like the 5p Bubbaloo bubblegums with the different flavoured liquid centers, oh the E numbers :)

Q5) Favourite Game?

Buckaroo lol. I remember going to the shops with my mum after school with my birthday money to buy it. My brother and I would have hours of fun playing it. 

Q6) Favourite McDonalds Toy?

Either the Beany Babies or Betty Spaghetti, they are both equally awesome. 

Q7) Favourite Book?

I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I don't even know how many times I took that book out the school library and read it. OMG I need it right now!

Q8) Favourite Clothing Store?

I don't actually know for when I was younger I think probably Woolworths but as I got a bit older it was most definitely Tammy Girl.

Q9) What would you watch when you got home from school?

Oh god this is hard. I remember loving Tracy Beaker but I think that was early 2000's. I always would rush home to watch The Queens Nose such an amazing program. 

Q10) Favourite TV show?

It would probably be Sabrina the Teenage Witch or The Powerpuff Girls, both amazing! 

Q11) Weirdest Fashion Trend? 

Tattoo Choker necklace! Really? No, they are vile.

Q12) What would you collect?

I collected many things, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis and Pokemon Cards being the main ones.

Q13) Favourite Beanie Baby?

I use to love Stretch the Ostrich, I don't know why, and I can't remember what happened to him the only beanie baby I still have is Kuku the Cockatoo. 

Q14) Favourite Game/Console?

I guess it would have to be the Gameboy and Pokemon, I think that's the only game I played though, I wasn't really into games, I remember watching my brother play them loads on the Sony Playstation, I loved watching him play Spyro and Crash Bandicoot but I never played them myself.

So there you have it, what I remember of the 90's. What do you remember from the 90's?
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15 May 2014

My Internet "Dating" Experience.

So It's been a while since I've been bothered to even look for a boyfriend or have any kind of a relationship, partly because I'm happy just by myself, I don't need some guy invading my space, but also because I honestly haven't been at all bothered, until recently. As crazy as it seems i'm almost 22 and although that is still young, I'm starting to feel like an "Adult" scary!! Majority of the people I went to school with, are married or in long term relationships with children, woah hold your horses there before you get ahead of yourselves! I still feel too young for that, but part of me is a tad jealous as they all seem so grown up and happy with their families and I don't really have anything. Now of course I'm not going to go out there grab any old guy get married and have kids, that's not me at all (much to my mother's disgust lol) and I don't even know if I want kids. The point is my life is passing by so quickly, and it would be nice to be able to share certain experiences with someone other than my cat! Although I do love him! So I thought about joining a couple online dating sites, not thinking anything of it, just as laugh, but my god, what an experience.

So I've come to the conclusion I'm either extremely naive or guys these days are just full on perverted (not all guys of course), maybe it's a bit of both. I'm not even exaggerating when I say 9 out of 10 guys on these sites are just interested in sex, I kind of knew you got weirdo's online and I can never imagine having a full on relationship with someone who I met through the internet as it creeps me out a bit, but I was truly shocked at the amount of guys with in seconds of messaging me were asking me for nude pics or asking me sexual questions, like seriously does that even work? Of course I just deleted them and ignored the messages but It did make me wonder is that what these kind of sites are used for? Call me old fashioned but I'm not into the one night stands, friends with benefits, sleeping with strangers, whatever you want to call it thing, It's just something I don't feel comfortable with, it grosses me out. I have nothing against people who do but for me it's wrong on so many levels. I know nowadays a lot of girls are just as bad as the guys when it comes to sleeping around, and maybe it's encouraged guys more, they feel it's okay to ask inappropriate questions because they sometimes get a response from it. I can safely say I'm not going to be talking/meeting guys online from these so called dating sites, or should I say "sexing sites".

I wasn't sure whether to do this or not, but I wanted to share some of the things I got asked as I had a laugh (mainly out of shock) at the balls of some of these guys. They were pretty upfront.

A 19 yr old: Send me a pic of you naked plz.
( I deleted)

A 51 yr old: Hey, you have beautiful eyes, Are you attracted to older men?
Me: Thank you. I guess, It depends on how old.
51 yr old: I'm 51. Your profile says your 5ft, Small girls turn me on, what are your sexiest features?
Me: Oh, you're quite a lot older than me then.
51 yr old: Yes, I'm very experienced I could teach you a lot, What are your sexiest spots?
( I deleted) Don't get me wrong, I don't mind older guys, but when they are older than your Dad that's just weird lmao.

32 yr old: I wish you were here.
Me: Why?
32 yr old: I'm feeling very horny.
( I deleted)

19 yr old: Send me a picture please, your profile pic won't show.
I send a picture (Of my FACE!)
19 yr old: I like, show me more of you with less clothes.
Me: No, you're alright.
19 yr old: Why?
Me: Because I don't even know you, I'm not into that.
19 yr old: Oh well you're not even that hot anyway. bye

25 yr old: What turns you on? You look like a girl who likes anal.
Me: Are you actually serious?
25 yr old: Yeah, I guess you're not into that then.
(I deleted)

22 yr old: Hey beautiful, fancy having cyber sex, would really turn me on.
Me: No..
(I deleted)

So there you have it, some of the messages I got, Atleast now you know not to do online dating. What a weird bunch of people.....or am I just old fashioned and naive? How can any girl find those kinds of messages attractive seriously. I'd love to know what your opinions are.

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27 Apr 2014

A New Me?

This will probably be a fairly long blog post as I have so much to update you on. I've debated to make each subject into separate posts but I think that will take too long, so instead I'm doing one huge mass post....I hope you don't mind.

Recently my life seems to have flipped around and things have been going good for me, really good. I almost don't want to write this post as I'm scared I might be jinxing it, but I'm really happy and I want to share that.
I've always believed in fate and things will come to you when you least expect it or when the "time" is right and maybe it's my time now. (At last).

So as most of you know, I've been doing pretty well at managing my anxiety, I still have the odd blips here and there but the difference being I get back up and start again instead of letting it rule my life and decisions. It's hard to know when my luck seemed to change, a lot as happened at once.

29th March - Family Get Together.

I rarely get to see my Dad's side of the family, so it's always nice when we meet up. I always find myself getting nervous because I want to impress them, I want them to know I'm doing well, and it's hard to feel proud when you're not really doing anything at the time. So I always try to avoid conversations about "me" and what I'm up to as I never really know what to say. The difference this time was I was open and honest, I've always been ashamed to have a mental illness and I try to hide it. I had a lovely chat with my Grandad about what I want to do and where I want to be in life, we talked about his past and his family and he reassured me that I can do what I want, if I want it bad enough. I also spoke to my Aunt about how I find it hard to socialise and I don't have very high self confidence/self esteem and a part from her being a little shocked as she's always known me as a confident girl, she was very open and didn't judge me, she made me feel comfortable and It made me realise if you can be honest with anyone, it's your family because they will love you for you and that's all that matters. I was proud that I was a bit more open. It was lovely to see everyone. 

Job Hunting.

I was helping my step-dad look for jobs online, and while looking I came across a few I thought were perfect for me. Normally I would completely freak out and not even contemplate applying for them, So many things would go through my mind. "I'm not good enough" "I'm too overweight" "They won't like me" "How will I get there" "I can't get the bus, people will laugh" "It's not suitable" "It's going to make my anxiety worse" "You won't be able to even attend the interview without looking stupid" etc. This time instead of allowing myself to criticise before I'd even done anything, I just took the pressure off, I thought "There is no harm in applying, you probably won't even get an interview but if you do and you don't feel comfortable about going, then that's fine, at least you've made progress in even applying, If you do get an interview and manage to go (which is fine if you don't go) and you get the Job, if you don't want to do it or you don't feel ready for it, that is also fine." I broke it down, into 3 steps, the first being just applying for it and wait to see if even step 2 comes along; an interview. Before hand I was acting as if applying for it was saying I'm accepting the job which is silly because in most cases you don't even get an interview. 
The other thing that put me off applying is the fact I have no experience and only GCSE's, no one is going to even look twice at my CV, especially because I've been out of education and work for over 4 years. So I made the decision of putting a little bit about my mental illness on my covering letter just explaining why I haven't been active in the last few years and how I'd happily answer any questions or doubts they had, I would also be willing to work for them voluntarily to prove I am the right person for job. I know this is a huge risk, but I thought what have I got to lose, at least I'm showing I'm honest instead of them thinking I'm just lazy and haven't bothered. 

Veterinary Nursing.  

I've wanted to do an animal based course for about 4 years now, I've applied to college twice, once in 2011 and again in 2013. In 2011 I couldn't even attend the induction without having a full blown panic attack after just receiving the letter so I cancelled my application. I made progress in 2013 as I did go to the induction, I thought it was a one on one, it ended up being a whole group of us which freaked me out but in way it was good because once I got there I couldn't back out, If I knew it was a group meeting I probably wouldn't of even attended. It was a great day, I got on with the other students and the lectures were very friendly and super understanding of my anxiety, it made me feel motivated and I was convinced by September I would be going back to college. The problem was I was now classed as an adult, I wasn't eligible to use the designated college buses as they were for 16-19 years, I had to make my own way there. Which meant trying to pass my test in a couple of months when I had only started driving, or getting 3 buses. This freaked me out big time as I still hadn't manage to get the bus on my own but I thought I would be able to overcome that. I was wrong, and inevitably went down hill and shut off from the world making my anxiety worse....I've learnt not to do that now. 
My Aunt came across an online Veterinary Assistant course on Groupon a few weeks ago, at first when my Nan told me about it, I was very withdrawn, I didn't know much about the course and I couldn't get my head around how you would learn to do something fairly practical online. I had a look into the course and it sounded perfect, it was pretty much everything I've wanted to learn enabling me to work with animals. My lovely Nan said she would pay for it knowing how long I've had my heart set on a course like this, I was dubious, it was a lot of money even with the discount and I didn't want her to fork out the money if It wasn't something I was set on. I had a think about it and realised I was once again trying to talk myself out of a great opportunity, I can do this course in my own time and from the comfort of my own home, what was there to be unsure about? I eventually realised I would regret not taking the course while it was a decent price, maybe it was just meant to be? I start the course in May/June, which I'm looking forward too. 

Isle Of Wight.

Over Easter weekend I went to the Isle of Wight with my Dad, Brother, Step-Mum and Step Brother. I haven't been there since I was about 6 or 7 and I have so many childhood memories from there. I've wanted to go back for a while now, so was super excited. We had a wonderful time, I pushed myself into situations I wasn't 100% comfortable with ,which I normally wouldn't do. While everyone was on the amusements I would walk further away until I couldn't see them, I would go to the toilet by myself, I wasn't so afraid about being on my own, I knew they weren't miles away. It was a fantastic weekend and boosted my confidence.

Job Interview.

I got a phone call from a woman a few days ago who said she had read my covering letter about my mental illness and she wanted to explain a bit about what the job was before she offered me an interview, I can't believe how understanding and helpful this lady was, she was so supportive and wanted what was best for me as well as for her, after a brief chat on the phone she has arranged for us to meet this Wednesday; to see if she believes I'm suited for the job and for me to know a bit more about what I'll be doing, so I know if I'll feel comfortable with it. We shall see where this takes me. 

Shopping and Partying with Abi.

I had to get some interview clothes as I want to make a good impression. Abi also wanted to celebrate getting a new job, we decided to to go to Peterborough and have a girly shopping day. This was a test for me as.....I LOST Abi, she had my bag with my phone and purse in, I was looking at some t-shirts I turned around and she had disappeared. I spent about 15 minutes looking around the whole shop trying to find her, there was no sign, I could feel myself starting to panic, I calmed myself down and took myself to customer services (which normally I would of felt too stupid to do) and they gave an announcement, she eventually made her way back and we had a giggle over it as we actually realised we had passed each other 3 times......darn us for being small! I was proud of myself, I didn't care if people at the customer services thought I was stupid, I was worried, it was a big store and I could feel myself panicking, I'd rather people think I was silly or over sensitive than have a major panic attack in front of some strangers. 
We then decided to go out for a few drinks as she rarely gets a Friday or Saturday night off. We thought it would be a quiet night just the two of us but it was pretty adventurous, I rarely go out because I don't do well with loud drunk people, I'm normally too shy and too insecure, worried about what they think of me. I actually had a lot of fun, I never get chatted up but I was approached by 3 guys, and I was pretty funny if I do say so myself,  it was strange though because most of you have seen my sister, she is stunning she gets male attention a lot! Like flies to poop! It has boosted my confidence considering how low my self esteem is. I now sound vain hahah my bad. Overall we had a fantastic night, I couldn't do it on a regular basis but I'm going to make more of an effort to go out a bit more.

There you have it, a little bit about what I've been up to, hopefully things will continue to go on the up. Thanks for reading.

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6 Apr 2014

The Beauty Tag - 40 Questions About Your Beauty Obsessions.

Q1) How many times do you wash your face daily?

At Least once in the morning, I normally use a cleanser at night that doesn't require washing off but if my skin is super oily or flared up then I will wash my face twice, morning and night. 

Q2) What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)?

My skin is always changing, I would probably say I'm more on the oily side but In the winter and with using acne products my skin can sometimes become a tad on the dry side. So I guess combination.

Q3) What is your current facial wash?  

I currently use Lush's Fresh Farmacy. 

Q4) Do you exfoliate? What brand do you use?

Yes! Between once and twice a week. I use Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It. 

Q4) What moisturizer do you use?

I have two! I mainly use Simple's Light Hydrating Moisturiser but if my skin is a little dry then I use Soap and Glory's Night Accelerator.  

Q5) Do you have freckles?

I do and I actually really like them, you can only see them in summer though. 

Q6) Do you use eye cream?

No. I actually have an eye cream but I always forget to use it. My bad. 

Q7) Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

I do unfortunately. 

Q8) Have you ever have to use Pro-activ?

I haven't. I did go to buy it but It the reviews were so mixed, some people loved it and some people hated it and it's a lot of money for something that you're not sure is going to make an improvement.

Q9) What foundation do you use?

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion - Ivory

Q10) How about concealer?

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Light 1

Q11) Do you know your undertone colour?

I think i'm more on the cool side but I always say neutral because I'm never sure.

Q12) What do you think of fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes can look really nice if applied correctly and they're not too heavy or thick. I wish I could use fake eyelashes but for me I don't really like them, they really irritate me and I can't get the knack of applying them so they look "natural"

Q13) Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?

Yes and No, some people say 3 months some say 6. Personally I keep my for 6 - 8 months I've never had any problem with it, I just clean my wand regularly. I know a lot of you make up artists/buffs will be screaming right now lol. 

Q14) What brand of mascara do you use?

L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes.

Q15) Sephora or MAC?

I've not been to either of them but from word of mouth I would probably say Sephora as you have more variety.

Q16) Do you have a MAC Pro-card


Q17) What makeup tools do you use in make up application?

Real Techniques Brushes.

Q18) Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

I always use a cream base for my eyeshadow and I do prime my eyes but with a face primer rather than an actual eye primer as I don't currently own one.

Q19) Primer for your face?

Yes. I use Benefit Porefessional Primer.

Q20) What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?

I like neutral shades best but probably a goldy shimmer colour like half baked from Urban Decays Naked Palette.

Q21) Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

Pencil. I like the liquid look but I'm terrible at applying it lol. 

Q22) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

Not that often, I'm always poking myself in the eye with my mascara wand though. Ouch!

Q23) What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

As in loose? I don't like them, they are messy and get all in your eye. 

Q24) Do you use mineral makeup?

I don't. I know I probably should but it can be a bit pricey. 

Q25) What is your favorite lipstick?

 Barry M Lip Paint in 129. It's a pastel lilac colour. I love the feel of it it's so light and creamy and I just love the colour. It doesn't dry my lips either. 

Q26) How about lipgloss?

I don't really have a fav lip gloss, I rarely use them, if I do it's normally just a clear one.

Q27) What is your favorite blush to use?

I like any of the sleek blushes. I can't chose a colour cause I like them all, I guess rose gold? but I also really like Lifes a peach, those are my top 2. 

Q28) Do you buy your makeup on ebay?

I have done in the past, but not anymore. The quality is never as good and you can easily get ripped off.

Q29) Do you like drugstore makeup?

Yes! Love it.

Q30) Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)?

No, never even heard of them....is it an American thing?

Q31) Have you ever consider taking make-up classes?

Nope, I like make-up a lot but there are so many tips and tricks which you can learn from youtube so I don't really need to take a make-up class as I'm not wanting to pursue it as a career. 

Q32) Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Yes I probably am, I have good days but more often than not I end up re-doing my eyes as they never look right lol. 

Q33) Name a makeup crime that you hate?

Orange! People who chose an orangey foundation that's to dark for their skin and they don't even try to blend it out. It looks ridiculous.

Q34) Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

I prefer neutral eyeshadows but I quite like a pop of colour on the lips. 

Q35) Which celebrity always has great make up?

She's not really a celebrity but Sinead from TheMakeupChair (Youtuber) her makeup looks flawless. 

Q36) If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?

Concealer, just to hide my blemishes lol. 

Q37) Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

Yes, I pretty much always do. 

Q38) Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?

Yes. I've become comfortable and accepted my skin/face without makeup now.

Q39) In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?

That's a tricky one. I don't really have a favourite I like different types of makeup from different brands. I guess if money was no object I probably would own mostly benefit or urban decay. 

Q40) What do you think of Makeup? 

I do like makeup, in fact I have a weird obsession in buying and owning it but I rarely use it. I think it's good that it can make you feel more confident but I also believe it's bad because nowadays girls believe they NEED it and don't feel comfortable without it which is a shame. 

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17 Mar 2014

Seven Deadly Sins - Greed (Everyday Makeup Tutorial)

Recently I've had this idea of having a different everyday makeup look that represents one of the deadly sins, there are a lot of tutorials to do with the seven deadly sins but majority of them are not looks you could wear on a normal day but more for halloween or party's.
I also wanted to pursue this "series" as I have a love for makeup and constantly looking for new products to buy and try but I never really get round to using them as I rarely wear makeup and I want this change. I have a love/hate relationship with makeup, I enjoy looking at it and buying it and creating new looks but I hate wearing it and applying it, its time consuming and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking pride in my appearance and I also don't like the feel of it on my face but I think that's because I'm not use to it.
Once I've applied the makeup I do feel that bit more confident (when it goes/looks ok) so by doing these looks i'm hoping I will get into a routine of taking more pride in my appearance. Just for the record I am 100% comfortable going out with no makeup so this isn't to please or impress other people it's simply something I want to do.

To start with I chose Greed : also known as avarice, cupidity or covetousness, is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort.

My interpretation of greed is showing off how much wealth you have, so to achieve this look I decided to use gold as my main colour. Here is the final look:

Although Greed is about showing off I kept this look quite minimal as I wanted it to be a "day time" look. Otherwise  I would of gone heavier on the gold. Less is more in my opinion.

This is how I achieved this look:

Step 1: Prep.

I washed my face and applied my normal skincare routine which you can check out HERE. I then applied a face primer, I used The Porefessional by Benefit, this is quite a high end primer but there are much more affordable options on the high street. I apply a primer as it helps keep the foundation on for longer, it gives your skin a smoother appearance and also helps maintain shine if you have oily skin.  

Step 2: Foundation.

I used Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Creamy Ivory, this foundation is my all time favourite, It gives a flawless finish and gives a pretty full coverage, Yet it is ultra lightweight and almost undetectable on the skin, it melts into the skin without disappearing. I love it. 

Step 3: Conceal/Cover. 

The concealer I used is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Light. This is quite a heavy concealer but it gives amazing coverage. I use it under my eyes to cover any dark circles and lightly over my blemishes and pat it into the skin rather than blending it out as I think this method covers better. 

Step 4: Setting/Powder.

I love my Blank Canvas Contour/Highlight Palette it's a beauty. I used the second Lightest colour all over my face to set my foundation and concealer. Just dust it over with any face powder brush you have. Then get your pout on ready for step 5.

Step 5: Contour.

Sticking with the trusty Blank Canvas Palette I used the two darker shades mixing them together on my brush and contoured in the hollow of my cheeks, down the edges of my nose, along my jaw and temples. I then used the white powder to highlight: on the bridge of my nose, on the top of my cheekbones and bottom of my eyebrow bones, across the center of my forehead and chin. Don't worry it looks quite harsh at first and in the picture I applied a little more than I would so it would show up. The key to contouring is the blending. Blend it all together so there are no harsh lines. 
I chose to contour on this look to give the face some structure and give a more bronzed effect which will complement the gold. 

Step 6: Blush.

I chose to use Sleeks Blush in Lifes A Peach. It's a lovely coral colour which I thought would go with this look. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks before blending out towards my temples. 

Step 7: Highlight.

Even though I'd already highlighted earlier I felt I needed a more of a shimmer look rather than a matte. I don't have a gold highlighter so I used this shimmery light gold eyeshadow from MUA Going For Gold palette. I applied this to center of my nose and the top of my cheekbones, blending it out to give a softer look. 

Step 8: Eye/Lip Prep.

To prep my eyes I used "That gal" face brightening primer by Benefit. I know it's a face primer but because it's a brightening primer I decided to use this on my eyes. I just used trusty old Vaseline on my lips to soften and moisten my lips ready for my lipstick.

Step 9: Eye Base.

I love cream bases, they just seem to be perfect for applying eyeshadows over the top. I used Maybelline Colour 24hr Tattoo in On and On Bronze, I wanted to use Eternal Gold but I couldn't find it :(. 

Step 10: Eyeshadow. 

I used this shimmery gold shade over my lids to "gold" up that base haha. It's from the MUA Undressed Palette which is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette for a smidgen of the price. 

Going back to the MUA Going For Gold Palette I used the darker Gold on the inner part to the middle of my lid and I used the lighter gold (The one I used for a highlighter) in the inner corner of my eye and under my brow bone. 

Step 11: Eye Contour.

Going back to the MUA Undressed Palette I used the dark shimmery brown on the middle to outer corner of my eyes and then using the matte brown to add depth to the eyes. I brushed this through the crease of my eyelid bringing it down to my lower lash, it should form the shape shown in the picture. ">". When adding depth to the eyes it's better to use a matte colour rather than a shimmer, as shimmers catch light particles and stand out working like a highlighter. 

Step 12: Eyeliner.

Using MUA Liner in black to line the outer corner of my lower lash line and up corner of my eyes to make my lashes look fuller, I then blend it out with my finger to the middle of my eye for a less harsh look. 

Step 13: Mascara.

To finish the eyes I curl my eyelashes which makes me look more "awake" and helps widen the eyes. I then applied a coat of Max Factor False Lash Effect in black to give my lashes a full and thicker effect as I have pretty rubbish lashes. 

Step 14: Brows.

I don't know if you've noticed but my right brow is higher up than the left and I have quite light brows which are very sparse, so I find filling them in finishes the look. I use B. Groomed Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel. I use light strokes for filling my brows in as it gives a more natural look, on my left brow I fill in from the top and on my right I fill in from the bottom to try and even them out lol.

Step 15: Lips.

I used three products on my lips, the first being Revlon Colorburst Matte balm in Audacious it's a pinky coral colour which I thought would compliment the eyes very well. I then used La Color Lipstick in a browny/gold glitter (It doesn't have a name) in the centre of my lips to give a slight ombre/sparkle. I finished of the lips with L'oreal Paris Glam Shine in Infinite Desert. It gives the lips a more plump look and blends the two colours together whilst adding some golden sparkle. 

And that is my finished look for greed. I hope you like it and try it out for yourselves. I think this look is suitable for any occasion, whether it's a day out shopping or a lunch date. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you like this kind of blog post. If so, which look would you like to see next?
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10 Mar 2014

Sibling Tag With My Sister

One of my favourite tags is the sibling tag, it's a series of questions which you and your sibling(s) answer and discuss, I wanted to do this with both my siblings but as I don't get to see my Brother that often it's hard to find time when we're all together, so I've just done it with my sister and hopefully sometime soon, if my brother agrees then there may be a part 2. It's more of a youtuber thing but as I don't have a youtube channel yet and I don't plan on getting one in the near future I've decided to write out a tag video. We just recorded ourselves answering the questions and I've typed it out.

Without further ado here is our conversation:

Q1) Who is the oldest?

Abi: Becky isss...
Me: I'm the oldest, I'm 21 and Abi is?
Abi: 18.

Q2) Any nicknames?

Abi: Yours is Boo, what, is it for each other?
Me: Yeah, do we have any nicknames that we call each other.
Abi: Bex.
Me: You've had loads of nicknames
Abi: Oh yeah.
Me: You've had Scabby....
Me: Gappy. Piranha was one?
Abi: Yeah
Me: Troll..
Abi: Ginger?
Me: Yeah Ginger, erm, what else have you had? You weren't trout? You was troll.
Abi: You was trout but I didn't ever call you trout, so I'm clearly the nice sister.
Me: Have you ever called me nicknames?
Abi: I just call you Bex.
Me: Have you never called me anything else?
Abi: No *Laughs* I'm the nice one.
Me: *Laughs* Guess you are.

Q3) Funniest memories of each other?

Abi: *Laughs Hysterically* 
Me: What? Whats funny?
Abi: I know my one of you.
Me: Okay, go on then.
Abi: *Laughs* 
Me: Is it funny or bad?
Abi: You won't like it.
Me: I wont?
Abi: No. It was the time when we were walking to the bus stop...
Me: Aw yeah, thats fine.
Abi: .. and then, erm, there was this massive curb and then you tripped up the curb and you went proper slow motion until you fell down and everytime I think of it makes me laugh.
Me: Yeah but I've fallen over so many times.
Abi: but that was the funniest. *Giggles*
Me: That wasn't that long ago though.
Abi: I know.
Me: Have you got any other funny memories of me when I was younger?
Abi: Errrrm, I don't know.
Me: My funniest memory of you, it's not even funny though, it's just a memory I remember that was big, it's actually quite sad.
Abi: Ohhhh..
Me: It was when you choked on the pringle and nearly died
Abi: *Laughs*
Me: It's not even funny.
Abi: Another was when, we weren't like really young but it was when you wouldn't get off the computer and I threw a nail polish bottle at your head.
Me: That wasn't funny?
Abi: It's funny now because I was like "If you don't get off the computer now then I'm going to throw this nail polish at your head" and you were like "You wouldn't dare!" and then turned around and carried on and I was like "Wanna bet?" and I threw it and your face was hilarious.
Me: Then I pounced on you and was pounding you on the leg
Abi: and it was funny because we were in separate rooms crying....
Me: Did I make your lip bleed then?
Abi: Yeah  I had like a puffed up lip *giggles*
Me: Do you know my funniest memory of you? I remember it now. It was when we were in Tattenhoe and we got these chocolate buttons for Jazz....
Abi: Ohh I know.
Me: ...and we gave you one so that you could give to the dog and you assumed they were real chocolate buttons and you ate it, you turned around a few seconds later and went "This chocolate button tastes funny" and we all just burst out laughing and said "Your not suppose to eat it, it's for the dog. It's dog chocolate not for you." That was so funny. Actually there's been quite a few funny memories. One when I asked you where Lapland is and you thought it was in Australia.
Abi: Yeah but someone told me that Lapland was actually hot and I know Australia is hot.
Me: *Giggles* and another one, what was it to do with? the microwave and 60 seconds?
Abi: Oh yeah I was like "you're only suppose to leave it in for a minute and I left it for 60 seconds"
Me: *Laughs* and I was like "That is a minute"
Abi:  and I was like "Ohhh yeah"

Q4) Most memorable argument?

Me: *Laughs* That was the nail polish one we mentioned earlier
Abi: Yeahh, we proper got in a fight about that.
Me: That one and the one when I couldn't find my earplugs.
Abi: You woke me up and you like locked me in the bedroom, you wouldn't let me sleep and you were like "You're going to help me find these earplugs" and then I got really angry at you and you got really angry with me.
Me: I remember one argument, I don't actually know what it was actually about, but I remember we didn't speak for about 4 or 5 days. It was summer, and we were living in this house, we were in the garden and mum was trying to get us to make up. I think I was 18 at the time and you were 16 and apparently I said something really mean about you and Mum made me go for a walk, so me and Mum went for a walk and she was talking to me, trying to get me to make up with you.
Abi: I remember what you said, but I can't remember what it was about.
Me: What was it I said?
Abi: It was something like, erm, "I wish you were dead so that..." it was something like "I wish you were dead so you...I wouldn't have to be your sister" or something like that.
Me: Did I really say that?
Abi: or something like "I'd rather you die" something like that, really mean
Me: *Shocked* Realllly? Did I really say that?
Abi: It was something like that, it really really hurt me and then thats why I didn't talk to you
Me: ...Nooo?
Abi: It was something along those lines.
Me: I think I remember the argument being about a boy, I couldn't understand at your age, at sixteen you were getting so involved and upset over a boy. I remember mum was having ago at me, because we are complete opposites and mum was saying that I don't trust enough and I don't open up enough and you trust too much. I was like "Love is stupid and you shouldn't ever fall in love"
Abi: Yeah and I was like the opposite
Me: Yeah and you was like you're so cynical.
Abi: I think that was it, but you got really nasty with me and I wouldn't talk to you after that.
Me: I can't remember what I said or what you said but we didn't talks for days
Abi: Then you came into the garden and just like started a conversation with me, I think you got annoyed I wasn't talking to you.
Me: No I remember Mum made me go for a walk and her telling me off, telling me I had to make more of an effort with you
Abi: I remember not talking to you and you thinking I was gonna give in and I didn't and then eventually you started a conversation with me.
Me: Probably, because you're more stubborn than me
Abi: Yeah *Giggles*
Me: Whenever we fall out, it's always me who ends up apologising *Giggles*
Abi: Yeah I won't apologise
Me: *Laughs*

Q5) Most cherished memories?

Abi: *Laughs* We don't have cherished memories!
Me: No we do.
Abi: When we went to potter world.
Me: Yeah that was a cherished memory. I liked when we went to Sheffield together.
Abi: Yeah that was really nice.
Me: I liked sharing that experience with you.
Abi: When we use to play teddies and we use to do the crane
Me: Oh yeahhh, oh yeahhh! When we was younger, Mum would send us to bed and we would never go to bed, we would play teddies and all these other games.
Abi: You still use to threaten me though *Laughs* you were like "I'm not going to play with you unless I get this teddy"
Me: True. When we was younger, or even now, we've always stuck together like a pair, like if we ever went out to places, like a theme park we always stuck together. It was always like I'm sitting with Abi
Abi: Yeah. even like now when we go out for a meal we always sit next to each other.
Me:  Do you remember that time we went to Wimpy and I bought you that really big BBQ burger?
Abi: *Giggles* Yeah.
Me: It was the most expensive burger on the menu! Did you eat all?
Abi: I think so.
Me: I was like "You're never going to eat that" and I think you actually did.
*Few seconds later*
Me: No, I think my most cherished memory, probably, was when we went to Sheffield because I really enjoyed that.
Abi: I really enjoyed that day, it was such a good day

Q6) Do you have any old photo's together?

Abi: Yeah we do, I like the one where I'm in that velvet dress and you've got your arm around me
Me: I'll have a look, there is loads on facebook and I'll add them on.

Sorry Abi I couldn't find the one you like.
Abi and Me (Circa 1995)

Abi and Me Circa 1998
Abi and Me Circa 2000
Abi and Me on Holiday in 2008
Me, Dad and Abi at Dad's wedding in 2009
Abi and Me on Hunstanton beach in 2011
Me and Abi at our cousins wedding in Oct 2013

Q7) The last thing you talked/texted about?

Abi: Ermmmm....
Me: It was about your night at work really wasn't it? or that film you was watching?
Abi: Yeah, erm. It's hard to tell, I think that questions more for people who like don't see each other very often.
Me: Lets change it to the last thing we text about.
Abi: I don't know what that is?
Me: I'll find out.
Abi: Okay.
Me: ha, about Mcdonalds. I asked you, "If you go to Mcdonalds can you get me a Mcflurry"
Abi: *Laughs*
Me: and you said you would but then you said you weren't gonna go because Mum and Darryl look tired.
Abi: *Laughs*
Me: That was the last thing we texted about....Mcdonalds!
Abi: Mcdonalds, we've got our priorities right.

Q8) Are you close?

Abi: Yeah, we are now.
Me: Yeah we're very close now aren't we?
Abi: Yeah, we wasn't before.
Me: Well we kind of went through a phase, when we were really really young we were quite close and then when we got to about....
Abi: When I got to about 12 and you were like...really mean to me.
Me: No you were younger than that. When you was about 8 onwards, because it was kinda like you and Matt would side against me.
Abi: Mmmm
Me: Then when I got to about 17 we got on for a little bit
Abi: Yeah
Me: I'd probably say it's in the last 2 to 3 years that we get on now.
Abi: Yeah I'd say the same.
Me: but we get on really well now.
Abi: Yeah, I think because we are both older and understand each other more.
Me: Yeah
Abi: Before we didn't get on because we were so different.
Me: but we're still different.
Abi: We're still different but we've just accepted that.
Me: Like I don't try and tell you what to do anymore *Giggles* because it's just not going to work. When I was younger, I use to try and tell you what to do,
Abi: Yeah, I don't get as frustrated with you anymore.
Me: No, I just let you get on with what you wanna do now. I've given up trying. *Laughs*
Abi: *Laughs* Yeah.

Q9) What annoys you the most about each other?

Abi: Ermmmm
Me: Oh dear. Right mine with you is: your be having a conversation with Abi and she'll be listening but she'll be on her phone the whole time, texting and I'm just like "Can you just put your phone down for a few seconds"
Abi: *Laughs Hysterically*
Me: and also when I want to play a game on her phone, she won't let me play it, she is so protective over her phone.
Abi: Yeah, I'm like "NO!"
*Few seconds later*
Abi: Mine with you is that you are superrrr hyperactive sometimes...
Me: and then really grumpy?
Abi: well no, I don't mind it when you're grumpy
Me: *Laughs*
Abi: but when your super hyperactive, you just have so much to say and you go really crazy and you sometimes start poking me or stand in my way so I can't get past you.
Me: I've got ADHD man (It's a joke, I don't really)
Abi: *Giggles*
Me: Also another thing, which annoyed me about you which has stopped. You'd always come in my room and steal my dry shampoo, but I forced you to buy your own.
Abi: Yeah, I buy my own now. I always use to get scared like "Oh no Becky's going to find out"
Me: That time you lied to me, I caught you coming from my room and I said "Nicking my dry shampoo again?" and you said "Noo I was nicking.." what was it you were nicking?
Abi: No I didn't just use your dry shampoo, I used something else.
Me: yeah and I asked you and you said "Nooo" and then I came up to my room and smelt it and went "ABI YOU LIED!"
Abi: I was like "OH NO!" *Laughs*
Me: Yeah, that's all that really annoys me.
Abi: I think you can be quite... not opinionated but sometimes you can be stuck in your way of thinking. Like you sometimes struggle to see other peoples points of view, I think you find it difficult?
Me: *High Pitch* I'm working on that though.
Abi: You're a lot better than what you use to be
Me: I use to be very black and white thinking.
Abi: Yeah whereas now you're more open minded.
Me: My therapist told me that.
Abi: *Laughs*
Me: He did.

Q10) Do you hang out and do things together?

Abi: Yeah, when we can.
Me: Yeah we do when we can. I'm always like "Abi do this with me"
Abi: and I'm like "Nooo"
Me: You're really busy at the moment, you rarely have free time, you're doing A-levels....
Abi: I'm always like really tired
Me: Yeah you're always tired and ill. Or you're working all the time.
Abi: So when I do get time off, I just kinda wanna do nothing and sleep and not do stuff.
Me: I'm like the opposite. "Abi, Abi, Abi lets do something"
Abi: but when we do do things together, like when I was really down a few months ago, you made me get up and do things to the point where I was like falling asleep on the bus because I was that tired.. That was after Swimming.
Me: Oh yeah and you was like "How do you swim?" I was like "It's easy"
Abi: *Laughs* "How do you swim?"
Me: I'd thought you would do more than me because I thought you was fitter than me.
Abi: No I don't have a lot of muscle.
Me: When I got you to go to the gym with me and you couldn't do the lowest weights
Abi: Yeah and that women said I was puny.
Me: *Laughs* Yeah you never went back to the gym. We do do quite a lot together, even if it's little things, like I'll cook dinner for us both.
Abi: Sometimes we'll just sit downstairs and watch a film.
Me: We watched Frozen, didn't we?
Abi: That was well fun, I like that film

Q11) Are you competitive?

Both: No. *Laughs*
Me: Not at all. We're really not competitive at all.
Abi: We're actually more the opposite.
Me: The only thing I can think of that is slightly competitive but it's not really. I'm always like "Can you do my hair" because you always do your hair really nice.
Abi: It's more when you say "I really like your hair and your make-up I wish my hair was like that"
Me: Yeah. It's not really me being competitive, I don't try and make my hair better than yours I just always wonder how you do it so nice.
Abi: When we was younger I always got jealous because I use to think Mum liked you more and I'd become really competitive because I wanted to be the liked child. I'd get really jealous of you.
Me: That's really weird, because when I was like 16 you'd get really jealous of me and then a few years ago when you was 16 I was really jealous of you. Now we've just learnt to accept each other.
Abi: We're not competitive though.
Me: No we're not.
Abi: When it comes to games, we don't get competitive we just have fun with it.
Me: Yeah, we're just like whatever, we couldn't care less who wins or loses.
Me: I can't even think of one thing we're competitive about?
Abi: No, neither can I. We're really laid back.
Me: but to be honest, I'm not really competitive with anyone.
Abi: Neither am I.
Me: I just can't be bothered. If i'm playing a game with someone who competitive, then I will purposely try and lose just so they win.
Abi: Yeah like Matt. Matt is competitive.
Me: Yeah he's very competitive.

Q12) Have you ever fancied your siblings friends?

Abi: *Laughs* The truth comes out now.... No I don't actually know. I think I fancied....what was his name? erm Daniel Butler or something?
Me: Oh did you?
Abi: I think I did
Me: You kind of fancied Joe?
Abi: Who?
Me: Joe.
Abi: Who's that? *Giggles*
Me: Jakes friend, Joe.
Abi: Ohhhhh yeahhhh, I remember that.
Me: When I was at school, I was kind of friends with him, you fancied him a bit. Didn't you go out with him?
Abi: No.
Me: Actually I use to fancy, he wasn't really your friend though. I think he was more Amy's friend.
Abi: Ohhh. What? Rhees Smith? *Laughs* BRIGHT BLUE EYES!
Me: I never spoke to him or never met him but I just knew of him and I quite liked him.
Abi: Yeah that's about it
Me: I think because most of our friends were girls, because If I did this with Matt then I'd be like yeah I fancied nearly all your friends *Laughs*
Abi: Really?
Me: Yeah.

Q13) One thing you can do that your sibling can't?

Abi: I've got bendy thumbs.
Me: I can cook.
Abi: I CAN cook, just not as well as you.
Abi: You can lift weights. I can't.
Me: Yeah but that's something you can learn (I meant train towards)
Abi: You can do that weird eye thing.
Me: What weird eye thing?
Abi: Where you flip your eyelids up, that's disgusting.
Me: Can you not do that?
Abi: No I can't, that's disgusting.
Me: Let's just say like a skill?
Abi: Can you do a handstand?
Me: I use to, probably can't anymore.
Abi: I've never been able to do a handstand.
Me: I haven't done one in freaking ages though.
Abi: I can read fast.
Me: Yeah I'm a really slow reader.I think this question should be more like, skills you're better at than each other. Like I'm better at cooking and you're better at.......dancing?
Abi: Not really, not like serious dancing.
Me: No but still, you're a good dancer, if you was to train you'd be really good. I'd be bad, my rhythm and timing is terrible. You're good at games, I'm rubbish at games.
Abi: Yeah I'm really good at....I'm not really good but I am good at games.
Me: Compared to me.
Abi: but you're really bad.
Me: You play xbox games, I hate xbox games.
Abi: You're like "oooo what does this do?"
Me: The only games I can play are like simulation games. I like logical games like sudoku (Even though that's not even a game Becky)
Abi: Yeah I'm not good at logic games.
Me: I like brain teasers like professor layton. 
Abi: I really liked Ace Attorney.
Me: Yeah that wasn't too bad. but you like Assassin's Creed, Fable and all of that kind
Abi: Adventure games.
Me: I'm rubbish at those.

Q14) Who is better looking?

Abi: *Laughs*
Me: Easily you! Easily!
Abi: That's a horrible question.
Me: It's true though, C'mon admit it.
Abi: You was really good looking though when you was like 16
Me: Really?
Abi: I was still like really childish looking and you had curves and big boobs and long blonde hair and you use to look so pretty all the time.
Me: Yeah but face wise, who has the better face? I think you've got the better face
Abi: but we look quite similar?
Me: I don't think we do. I've got a really round face and even though you've got chubby cheeks like me you've still got an oval face. Your structure, your nose is the right size, your chin is, like my chin is really.. like....
Abi: Your chin is the same as mine!
Me: It's not.
Abi: Yeah it is, we have like the same chin.
Me: but think of it this way, if we were to go out and ask 100 people who was better looking who would they say the most?
Abi: but that's because like......
Me: *Whispers* Don't make excuses.
Abi: but people our age prefer really skinny people don't they?
Me: but if we just took a picture of our faces?
Abi: Our faces?
Me: Yeah, It would still be you.
Abi: I don't know.
Me: You know they would! It's ok to admit you're better looking Abi, I'm not going be like "I hate you for saying that"
Abi: *Laughs* No, it's just I don't think you're not good looking.
Me: I'm not saying you think I'm not good looking, just out of the two of us, you've got the better looks.
Abi: *Mumbles* ...Okay
Me: It's true.

Q15) Who is the most creative?

Abi: Probably you.
Me: Yeah i'm gonna admit to that one.
Abi: I'm not very creative, I'm not very good at drawing, you're not good a drawing?
Me: I'm crap at drawing.
Abi: but you're good at making like Christmas cards...
Me: I'm creative because I like to be creative (I don't even know how that makes any sense?)
Abi: I'm more imaginative
Me: Yeah you're imaginative and I'm creative. 
Abi: If we put our brains together, we could be a really good Artist.
Me: Yeah we could if one of us could draw. I'm creative in the sense I like to make videos, or photoshopping; I like to edit photos and make pictures.
Abi: I'm too lazy for any of that.
Me: I also like to create crafts, like cards. I get these ideas where I get these books and write little quotes in them but because i'm so bad at drawing I wreck it so thats why I prefer using my creativity on the computer.
Abi: I don't really draw.
Me: You're a better drawer than me. Is that even a word? You're better at drawing than me.
Abi: I don't know I'm not that good at drawing.
Me: You're not great, but I remember you went through a phase at about 15 where you was drawing loads. You weren't that bad. I did art at school and whenever it came to drawing I hated it.
Abi: I tried to do art but they put me in an optional one where you had to do it all in your free time and you never got a lesson on it so I stopped doing it.
Me: I liked stuff to do with fabric and creating
Abi: You wanted to be a fashion designer at one point?
Me: Yeah I'd still like to be a fashion designer but I can't draw and you have to draw. It's weird because Nan's really good at drawing.
Abi: I know. Why haven't we got Nan's talent? Nan had to develop hers.
Me: That's what I mean, if you was to have carried on drawing and developed your skill, you'd probably be quite good now.
Abi: Yeah Probably.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say this took me hours to type out, I almost wish we just did a video instead. I'm so glad this post is over, It was fun to do, but not to type out ha! If you really enjoy it that much though I might make another one sometime in far away future! Let me know what you think?
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