7 Aug 2015

Lush Lincoln Summer 2015 New Products Exclusive Launch Event.

Well this post will probably be a huge mumble gumble mess because I'm just so excited to tell you all about Lush and their new products that I don't quite know where to begin haha!

I spent last week in Lincoln and while in their Lush store, Lucy and I were told about an exclusive party happening thursday night (06/08/15) to introduce the new products which are coming to the store today! The products coming to the stores are the bestsellers from the huge Oxford Street store in London, if you're like me and a huge lush fan but find it a bit tricky to get to london then this is super exciting because it's a chance for us all to finally try out the products that have been advertised all over our instagrams haha!

Here is a list of the products that have made it to the stores:

  • Shower products:
    • Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream
    • The Comforter shower cream
    • Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel
    • Beautiful shower gel
    • Don't Rain On My Parade shower gel
    • Orange Roulade shower smoothie
    • Blueberry Roulade shower smoothie
    • Enzymic Roulade shower smoothie
    • Dreamwash Roulade shower smoothie
    • Turkish Delight Roulade shower smoothie
    • Coconut Scrubby Roulade shower smoothie
    • Refresher shower jelly
    • 93,000 Miles shower jelly
    • Needles and Pines shower jelly
    • The Rough with the Smooth body scrub
    • Rub Rub Rub body scrub
    • Wash You Were Here wash sheet
    • Beautiful wash sheet
    • Don't Rain On My Parade wash sheet
    • Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair wash sheet
    • Candyfloss showder
    • Lemon Sherbet showder
    • Life's a Beach body scrub powder
  • Bath products:
    • Milky Bath bubble bar
    • Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar
    • Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar
    • The Experimenter bath bomb
    • Frozen bath bomb
    • Yoga Bomb bath bomb
    • Intergalactic bath bomb
    • Outback Mate soap
    • Serendipity soap
    • Respect Your Elders soap
    • Layer Cake soap
    • Maypole soap
    • Apandapand soap
    • Devil's Nightcap soap
  • Body products:
    • Salted Coconut hand scrub
    • Go Faster Feet foot lotion
    • Softy foot lotion
    • Love and Light hand cream
    • Elbow Grease moisturising bar
    • Pumice Power foot soap
    • Foot Soak and Fancy Free foot soak
    • Twinkle Toes foot powder
    • Golden Handshake hot hand mask
  • Face products:
    • Cup O' Coffee exfoliating mask
    • Magical Moringa moisturiser
    • Dark Brown colour supplement
That is a whole bunch of new products, to be honest there is so many I didn't even get round to seeing some of them, so another trip may be needed at some point haha!

So we decided to get to Lush Lincoln at 18:15pm just to make sure we got in haha, we were second in the que which was good because it soon got very long.
Once the door's opened everyone pretty much rushed in full of excitement, the staff were so friendly and helpful, it was a great atmosphere, we were greeted with mocktails, I tried the Elderflower one which was based on the new Respect your elders soap and it was rather nice!
I also entered a competition with the prize being a goody bag of the new products.

We went round the shop having a good old gander at the new items, it was so much fun and exciting, getting to smell all the new smells!! A lovely lady gave us all a hand massage with Beautiful shower gel 

It has a very unique smell, I can't even describe it, it's very apricot and citrusy.

Here are some other pictures I took while in the store:

Intergalactic has a very minty smell, it's full of glitter too, so your bath looks so pretty and sparkly!

Pink Flamingo is a lovely sweet smell, it reminds me of incense burners.

I think Milky Bath is my favourite scent wise, it smells just like freshly washed bed sheets which have been hanging out in the summer air to dry!

The Experimenter is very different, it doesn't have a traditional Lush smell, it's very smoky, almost like a bomb fire smell, it's definitely a love it or hate it type I think, I love it! I just can't wait to see this bomb in action. Those colours!!

Granny takes a dip is quite a refreshing scent, kind of lemon-ny I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this or not yet.

Yoga Bomb is another amazing smelling bomb, it reminds me a tad like blackberry bomb which happens to be my fav haha!

I've never really been a lover of soaps, but Outback Mate smells lovely, it's very minty and I reckon quite cooling on the skin on a hot summers day.

I can't even describe the smell of Respect your Elders, it's such a unique smell, but it's a good one, trust me!

Maypole literally smells like a stick of rock which you get from the seaside. It's very sweet with a subtle minty after smell.

As you can imagine I went a little wild in the shop and probably spent more than I should have, but nevertheless it was worth it i'm sure! I will be smelling great for months upon end! Here are some of the products I bought!!



Pink Flamingo

Yoga Bomb

The Experimenter

Granny Takes A Dip

Pumice Power

Golden Handshake

Milky Bath

Outback Mate

Respect Your Elders

I would just like to thank all of the Lincoln staff for making it such a wonderful evening and experience, you did such an amazing job!

Last but not least, have a picture of Lucy and I holding our baskets and fav soaps!

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