5 Mar 2014

My February Buys/Gifts

I went a little cray cray in February, I'm so bad at saving money but in particular I seem to have bought quite a lot this month, now I could try and justify myself by saying it's stuff I need but who would I be trying to convince here, me or you? definitely me. Now this post isn't meant to come across as I'm  bragging,  it's just something I thought I would share, I don't normally buy this much stuff and i've put myself on a spending block for a while!

Yankee Candles

You should all know by now that I have a slight obsession with candles, yankee candles in particular. I love how strong the scents are and how they linger making your room/home smell gorgeous. I got an email through saying they had some of the range on special offer so I jumped at the chance *Naughty Becky* the left jar is called After Dark, it smells kind of like mens after shave, but I like that smell so it's not too bad, but after a while it is a little overpowering, I probably won't buy it again though. On the right we have Stargaze which is my personal favourite out of the two, it's a very unique smell, it's slightly citrusy with a hint of vanilla and has a musky perfume base, yeah I think that's the best I can do at describing it. These are medium jars from the Pure Radiance set which I'd never heard of so I was eager to try them, I think they were originally £19.99 but they were on offer at £12.99, I also found a 20% discount code online too.

The four in the middle from left to right are, Turquoise Sky, River Valley, Midnight Oasis and Black Coconut, these are called samplers, they're perfect for trying out new fragrances, they were £1.80 each. My favourite out of the four is probably Turquoise Sky, but I love them all. Treat your home to some lovely candles - http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/en/uk/page/home


This is just a random buy which probably isn't interesting at all. Ever since I was younger (when I shared a room with my sister) i could never sleep when someone was snoring, it drives me CRAZY. So I use these when I go to bed, even though I've had my own room for a while I still struggle to get to sleep without them. I think it's like a comfort thing now, I feel like somethings missing and I like silence when going to sleep. So yeah basically without my earplugs I struggle to sleep lol


The cotton pads on the left I did need as I use them to clean my face with at night, I also needed a new nail file as my other one had pretty much had it. I invested in some new eyelash curlers to as my old ones were also worn out.

At the beginning of February my skin took a turn for the worse so I found the Botanics Ultra Calming Serum and Soap and Glory's Beauty Sleep Accelerator 24h Moisturiser which both featured in my last blog post and I'm still loving the results.

On the right is a medical cream that my Aunt bought me, she came across it as she uses it for her dogs paws, (yes it's animal friendly) she recommended it as it's got wonderful reviews for treating and clearing up acne. it's a moisturiser for dry itchy skin, so at first I was dubious about using it with having oily skin. Anyway it had a medical smell to it kind of like savlon, so I thought it would work similar to sudocrem. Unfortunately this product didn't help my skin at all, in fact it made my face super oily and caused more breakouts. Once I stopped using it my skin was much happier. 


On the right is a book by Sarah Butler, "Ten Thing I've Learnt About Love" I started reading this mid february after I picked it up in Tesco for £2 and it's very confusing as it switches between two characters via bullet points, it takes a while to get use to. I only read 5 or 6 chapters because I then bought the book on the left by J Lynn "Be With Me" which I've been waiting for since september last year, it's a follow on to "Wait For You" which I read last year on holiday. I couldn't put the book down and it was the same with this one, I'm a pretty slow reader but I read "Be With Me" in two days, it's a personal record. Honestly it's an amazing book, I highly recommend you read the series. I now have to wait until september for the next one...boooo!


I go through Batiste dry shampoo like there is no tomorrow, it's one of my must have products. I bought two cans at the beginning of the month (buy one get one half price at boots) and with my sister stealing it and me using it, the first can has already gone, I probably get through one can every 2 weeks which is quite a lot of dry shampoo haha. I have greasy hair, no matter what shampoo or hair products I use, I always get greasy hair a day after washing it, I don't like to wash my hair too often as it's not healthy for it so this is where this beauty comes in. It freshens up your hair removing the oil in your hair and it makes it smell nice and clean too, if you have dark hair though it might take a while to work in, or you could be left with grey roots which isn't a good look.

I bought a hair donut on a whim as I always struggle to get my hair to stay in a high bun, and as I go to the gym a couple times a week, I like to have all my hair pinned up so it's not sticking to my sweaty neck and forehead....eww. They're actually quite easy to use. (I'm so bad at doing my hair).


In January I bought some awesome metallic chelsea high heel boots, I literally loved them but after wearing them a couple of times the metallic came off, I was gutted, anyway I returned them and got a full refund. I had my eyes on these from the end of January and they were half the price of my other boots (Good old Asda £22). Anyway I put off buying them, not really sure why but in the end my Sister bought them for me (after hassling her for weeks) we went shopping and I tried them on and I would of probably bought them myself anyway but I did feel kind of bad as I felt I'd bullied her into buying them, I offered her the money afterwards but she said it was fine. I love my sister she is so lovely and thoughtful.


I picked these two tops up in primark while shopping with my friend Lucy and my Sister. I fell in love with the left one and then just bought the plain pink one on the right as I needed some new tops.


My second obsession is Lush, I nipped in there and decided to treat myself to a couple of goodies. I first bought the limited edition "Love Locket" bath ballistic which was out for valentines day, it smelt lovely as most Lush bath products do and it was also 3 bombs in one, I instagramed a picture of that. I also picked up "Melting Marshmallow" bath melt (On the left) I've used this before it smells like sweeties and it makes your sink fell super soft. On the right is "Lord Of Misrule" which I have never seen before so I'm not sure if it's a limited edition one or not. It smells great, I think it's my second favourite smell from Lush it also has popping candy in it so I'm excited to try this one. If you like baths then check out Lush - https://www.lush.co.uk/


On the top is a sports bra, I find it really hard to find sports bras that fit as I have rather large bresticals. surprisingly this fits fine and it's not a huge struggle to do up - result. 
Having large boobs (I shall not tell you my exact size but it's larger than what most "pretty" bras go up) I find it hard to find nice bras that are comfortable and actually look nice. 

While searching for a sports bra, I came across this sexy duo and was surprised they went up to my size, the bra was only £14 which is ridiculous price when you're use to seeing/paying almost £40 for a bra. I think the underwear gods have realised they're are a lot more bigger busted women out there, at last! 


This really was a reckless buy, one day I was feeling really down and found myself on boots looking at the offers. L'oreal makeup was on buy one get one half price and I've always wanted to try the true match foundation so I thought I'd give it a go, it's not that bad but it's a lot heavier than i'm use to. I also chose the L'oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in Bite the Marajuca which is a coral shade. I have reds, pinks and purples so I thought I'd try a coral shade, I'll probably use it a lot in summer. I also bought the Glam Shine 6hr Lipgloss in Infinite Desert ( A bronze shade with golden sparkles) and Immortal Pearl ( A clear gloss with subtle pink sparkles). I thought i'd give the lip gloss look a try, I quite like these glosses, considering they have glitter in they don't feel gritty. 

Later on in the month, I needed a new topcoat as mine had gone thick and gloopy - yuck, I read some reviews on the "Save the nail wet look top coat" by nails inc, at £6 I didn't think that was too bad, and it's lived up to the reviews, it really is amazing, so I think i've found a new fav top coat. While looking for a top coat I also noticed Barry M was on 3 for 2 and their nail polish is my all time fav high street brand so I snapped up some of the Gelly Hi Shine in some new colours they've brought out.


Me and my Brother went shopping on Saturday (Technically March 1st but I'm including these anyway) I decided I was going to buy some new clothes and I haven't updated my wardrobe in over a year (minus the two tops I bought earlier in the month) with my weight always going up and down, I tend to not buy clothes as I never know what size to get and my current ones had worn out.
I picked up these two tops in primark, the light blue one is very similar to my pink one, and the flower patten one is a crop top which looks really nice with the jeans. 
I also picked up a cute necklace and a group of bracelets as I need to accessorise more.

I really like these kind of dresses, I find them very flattering on my figure. I have a few dresses but i've worn them so many times it just looks stupid when I go out in them now, so I thought I'd treat myself to a new dress.

I haven't worn jeans in god knows how long, I find it very hard to find jeans that fit me, I'm bigger on the legs and quite small on my waist stomach area, I don't like low rise jeans as they push all my fatty bits up ewww not a good look. I decided I would be a bit more adventurous with my look and step away from the leggings and try some jeans, I love this acid wash patten and I just had to get them. Admittedly I didn't try them on in the shop because the queue was too long and I couldn't be bothered to wait. Once I got home a tried them on I was surprised at how comfortable they were and how well they fit, I still have to wear a belt otherwise they fall down ha.

The sweetest thing was when we went to pay, my brother was like I'll just stick it on my card, I was like no it's ok i'll pay but he insisted he was putting it on his card. Once again I offered him the money but he wouldn't take it. I seriously have the best Siblings ever. I'm so lucky and I love them both very much.


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