22 May 2014

Remembering The 90's, Oh Nostalgia!

I was born in 1992, so I spent the first 8 years of my life growing up in the 90's and they were literally the best of times. It was when kids actually went out to play, technology had only really begun so we had the best of both worlds. 

I've recently noticed that fashion at the moment is very "90's" which for me is awesome because I can revisit my childhood. It also made me think about all the other great things I had/did when I was a child, so I decided to do the 90's tag. Enjoy.

Q1) Favourite Disney Movie?

Easy! Beauty And The Beast. I would watch it over and over until my mum was sick of it. Apparently I would cry every time the beast died even though I knew he would turn into a prince I wanted him to stay as the beast, I fell in love with that guy. While everyone was crushing over the prince's I was crushing over the beast.....says a lot about me. It taught me never to judge someone by their appearance.....good on you Disney.

Q2) Favourite Music Artist/Band?

Just like most girls I was obsessed with The Spice Girls, I remember owning two t-shirts with them on one in black and the other bright orange, I would wear them all the time. Girl Power!

Q3) Favourite Jnr Show?

I had 3 favourite shows, I'm not really sure which one was my no.1 so I'll name them all. Tots TV, Raggy Dolls and Bananas In Pyjamas.

Q4) Favourite Sweet?

Hmmmm, I use to really love those 10p sherbert tubes you know the really long ones....well they seemed super long when I was small, I also use to like the 5p Bubbaloo bubblegums with the different flavoured liquid centers, oh the E numbers :)

Q5) Favourite Game?

Buckaroo lol. I remember going to the shops with my mum after school with my birthday money to buy it. My brother and I would have hours of fun playing it. 

Q6) Favourite McDonalds Toy?

Either the Beany Babies or Betty Spaghetti, they are both equally awesome. 

Q7) Favourite Book?

I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I don't even know how many times I took that book out the school library and read it. OMG I need it right now!

Q8) Favourite Clothing Store?

I don't actually know for when I was younger I think probably Woolworths but as I got a bit older it was most definitely Tammy Girl.

Q9) What would you watch when you got home from school?

Oh god this is hard. I remember loving Tracy Beaker but I think that was early 2000's. I always would rush home to watch The Queens Nose such an amazing program. 

Q10) Favourite TV show?

It would probably be Sabrina the Teenage Witch or The Powerpuff Girls, both amazing! 

Q11) Weirdest Fashion Trend? 

Tattoo Choker necklace! Really? No, they are vile.

Q12) What would you collect?

I collected many things, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis and Pokemon Cards being the main ones.

Q13) Favourite Beanie Baby?

I use to love Stretch the Ostrich, I don't know why, and I can't remember what happened to him the only beanie baby I still have is Kuku the Cockatoo. 

Q14) Favourite Game/Console?

I guess it would have to be the Gameboy and Pokemon, I think that's the only game I played though, I wasn't really into games, I remember watching my brother play them loads on the Sony Playstation, I loved watching him play Spyro and Crash Bandicoot but I never played them myself.

So there you have it, what I remember of the 90's. What do you remember from the 90's?


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