9 Jan 2014

My Christmas Goodies

Christmas is my favourite time of year, I get so excited when November comes that by the time it's December 25th  i've exhausted myself out. I really don't like January and February though, I find them very dull and depressing, so what better to do than go through some of my christmas goodies to put a smile back on my face and re live that christmassy feeling. I've been truly spoilt this year as I am every other year and I'm very thankful to family and friends for these lovely gifts but most importantly for their love and kindness.
Blank Canvas Contour Palette- I've heard great things about this and wanted to try it out for a while now and yes it is amazing!
Benefit Porefessional - I bought this with my Christmas money, It was a tad pricey but I found it cute that you got the "It's Potent Eye Cream" and "That Gal Face Brightener" with it for free and well I'm a sucker for freebies.

I'm not much of a reader, but I do like facts and non fiction books. Partly why I got my nickname nerdoboo.
P.S Science year by year is super interesting.
Real Techniques starter and core sets - I never realised how much of a difference putting on make up with quality brushes would make, but wow my skin looks flawless.
Remington Pearl Wand - Bought this for new years eve as I wanted to try out tighter curls, it heats up super fast and curls your hair in seconds!
Glamoriser Hair Dryer - This is a beauty it has actual sparkles in it which make me love it even more, it has 5 hear settings and 5 power settings, it makes my hair super soft and shiny.

Me and My sister are a huge fans of the movies and she knew how much I wanted to go to the studios that she paid for us to go on the 1st feb, I'm so excited, I will most likely do a blog post on our visit.

I'm a self confessed lush-o-holic, yes thats right I have enough lush products to last me the winter yay! For everyone who knows me, knows I love my baths and for every bath you have to add that little bit of lush :)

I can't get over how many pandora charms/clips I got this year. I got my bracelet for my 21st and it's filling up sooner than expected haha. My favourites is the snowflake clip, it's beautiful.

Soap and Glory do a lovely skin care range, If you're like me and have acne prone/oily skin then their scrub your nose in it scrub is amazing for you, it's one the best. I also got the "Dr Spot Gel" and "The Fab Pore Moisturiser"

A bunch of Yankee Tarts - Another love of mine is candles, especially ones that smell nice, I prefer yankee's tarts because they give out a longer and stronger smell than the candles but I also love the candles just as much.
An assortment of bath bits, I always get little gift sets of miniature bath/skin lotions and potions, It's lovely to try out new products and they're also perfect for traveling. I think the soap and glory hand lotion will probably be going in my hand bag.

So that is a few of the things I got for Christmas, I told you I had been spoilt. I also got some Christmassy PJ's that I will continue to wear throughout of winter even though christmas is over. I hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends and let's hope 2014 is a good year for us all.


Wendy CKII said...

I love Christmas too and January is good because we are doing Dryathlon to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, can't wait till Feb 1st though to hear about Harry Potter visit :)

Nerdoboo said...

Yes which you should be very proud of! xxxx

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