16 Jan 2014

My Top 12 Male And Female Celebrity Crushes.

I'm not really one to follow celebrities lifestyles, lots of people are obsessed with what reality stars like Kim Kardashian are doing, wearing and eating etc. but I personally don't get it. I don't really get reality stars in the first place (you know the ones who get famous from having their own show(s)), while everyone hypes on about how amazing "TOWIE", "The Kardashians" and "Made In Chelsea" are, I take an interest in what makes stars unique and talented. So here is a list of my top 6 Male and 6 Female heroes and what it is about them I like. Enjoy!

Lets start with the guys, Now I must admit, yes, most, if not all of them are indeed good looking but that's not the only reason I like them!

6) Name: Justin Timberlake, Age: 32

What I love about Justin is his versatility, not only is he an amazing actor he also is an adaptive artist. When his solo singing career started his songs were quite hip-hop as he progressed he became a bit more of a pop artist and recently has took on a blues/jazz theme and he has always managed to stay successful throughout the years.
Not only is he really talented he makes stubble/facial hair look sexy. I'm not big on beards but on Justin it looks ridiculously hot!
My favourite songs of his are Rock Your Body, Sexy Back and one of his newest ones Mirrors.
My favourite films that he has acted in have to be Friends With Benefits and The Social Network.

5) Name: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Age: 23

Aaron Johnson became one of my celebrity crushes, after watching him Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. He played his character really well and it was one of my favourite teenage films. Recently I loved him in the Kick Ass movies, I'm not really big into superhero films and don't go out of my way to watch the latest one, but with Kick Ass being more of comedy I found it a lot more entertaining and of course with Aaron as the main character he got a lot of screen time which made it even better.

4) Name: Logan Lerman, Age: 21

Although Logan has been acting since he was young he hasn't done many films. His most famous one is probable Percy Jackson. I first saw him in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower which I thought he acted perfectly. He has this nerdy quirkiness about him but he also is super cool at the same time. I recently saw him in a film called Stuck In Love and his character was this super smooth cool guy which at first I thought wouldn't suit him but he played it spot on. I think Logan is an upcoming actor and I can't wait to watch his career progress I reckon he could be the next Brad Pitt!

Name: Danny O'Donoghue, Age: 33

 Mr O'Donoghue is a very talented man indeed. I was a big fan of The Script without even knowing the band members. When the voice first aired I was stunned to know that Danny was the lead singer and that he was Irish, because if you know me I'm a sucker for the Irish accent. His personality shun through and I liked him even more. My favourite songs off The Script are Hall Of Fame, Six Degrees Of Separation and The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

2) Name: Leonardo Dicaprio, Age: 39

Lets be honest probably half the population have a crush of Leonardo, not only is he good looking but he is a very well respected actor. The first film I saw with Leonardo in was of course Titanic which will always be a classic. You can't help but fall in love with him in the film. I then saw him In romeo and Juliet which was an earlier film of his and still couldn't believe how amazing he was in that. I also loved him in The Beach, which I think is my all time favourite film featuring Leonardo, with Catch Me If You Can be a close second. I swear the older this man gets the better looking he gets.

1) Name: Bradley Cooper, Age: 39

First of all, just look at those eyes! His eyes are like crystals and if you don't find them mesmerizing then I think you might need a trip to specsavers ha! Being serious though he is just world class. His acting for me is on a whole different level, no matter what role he takes he always manages to smash it. My favourite movies with Bradley are Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless and The American Hustle.

Now for the girls!

6) Name: Lily Collins, Age: 24

Although I've seen Lily Collins in a couple of movies, I only really remember her standing out in one which was Stuck In Love. I don't think she had big enough roles in previous films so she kind of faded into the background but saying that she was brilliant in Stuck In Love and after watching it, the first thing I did was search her and find out what other films she had been in. I was rather shocked to find she'd been in a few i'd already seen as I didn't recognize her in them. I think she is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to see how her career progresses. She also has perfect eyebrows, I wish mine were as full as hers.

5) Name: Cara Delevingne, Age: 21

One word, eyebrows. As you can tell I have a thing for girls with nice thick eyebrows, I think it makes them look natural and beautiful. To be honest Cara is known for her modeling career and she is probably the only model I actually have heard of as I don't tend to like models or agree with their careers, mainly because they are stupidly thin and photoshopped. It gives off a bad image to what girls should look like, which is wrong on so many levels. What I like about Cara is she doesn't take herself too seriously, shes always seen with no make-up on, wearing casual clothes and she takes a few instagram photo's of her eating junk food, whether it's for show or not I don't know, but she just doesn't come across as your typical model which why I love her.

4) Name: Kate Hudson, Age: 34

So if I could be anyone in the world it would be Kate Hudson, she has this beautiful smile that can light up a room. I love almost every film she has been in and even though her characters can seem quite similar she still makes the film entertaining. I imagine her to be very much like the roles she plays and I love her innocent yet sexy personality. You can't help but like her. I really liked her in Raising Helen, Fools Gold and Bride Wars.

3) Name: Avril Lavigne, Age: 29

I've loved Avril ever since her first single Complicated, and every song/album she releases I always end up loving, I believe she is very versatile and even when she went through her pop/barbie doll stage I still always found her music entertaining and loved to listen to it. Her songs vary from being really upbeat and poppy to being slow and meaningful which you can relate to how she felt when writing them. Yes, that's right she actually writes her own songs which makes me love her even more because her feelings and lyrics are from her heart. I think her most recent album self titled Avril Lavigne is probably one of my favourites I love every song on it, particularly Hello Heartbreak and Give You What You Like. One of my all time favourite songs from her has to be I'm With You although it's quite a depressing song the lyrics speak to me and when I'm going through a hard time it weirdly helps me through.

2) Name: Jennifer Lawrence, Age: 23

This beauty is and icon, and as you are all very much aware she is every girls best friend. Not only is she an amazing actress but she has such a lovely personality and she isn't afraid to be herself. Girls including myself relate to her in so many ways, she's not afraid to say she loves food, she's a bit clumsy, she doesn't think before she speaks, she hates looking at photo's of herself, she has flaws like everyone else, the difference is she doesn't try to hide them, you either love her for her the good, bad and ugly, or you can jog on to put it nicely. I think everyone should take a leap out of Jennifer's book and be more open with themselves and not take themselves to seriously. I loved her in Silver Linings Playbook (Which is one of my favourite films I suggest everyone to watch it!) she plays a slightly unhinged widow but you can't help respect her and wish you were more like her. This girl will be around for years to come.

1) Name: Juno Temple, Age: 24

I bet a lot of people haven't heard of Juno before, she isn't that well known as she hasn't been in many "big" films which to me is crazy because she is such a great actress. Most of the characters she plays tend to be that wild girl who doesn't give a damn and takes life as it comes. I first saw her in a film called Dirty Girl which isn't really a very good title considering what the film is about. It's one of these films that have you laughing, crying, worried, happy, and scared in one, it's a great film and deserves a lot more credit. I then saw her in Killer Joe and although she doesn't have a big part in this film you still seem to just focus on her and the scenes she is in. Another good film  is called Little Birds, it's kind of an indie film but once again that wild girl character comes out. I love her style and her personality I just wished she got more recognition for her talent.

So there you have it, my top 12. I hope you liked this kind of post and comment down below who you love and why?


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