19 May 2015

An Experimental Crafty Thursday.

So my friend Lucy and I both love arty/crafty projects, one day we were watching some DIY's on YouTube and decided we wanted to give some ago. We wanted to try and make our own crystal geodes using egg shells and also our own snazzy pillowcases because we're cool like that. Well things never really turn out how you plan do they? This is how our day went:

First of all Lucy ordered some transfer paper for the pillowcases and I ordered some Alum power in order to make the crystals. Lucy originally was going to use black pillowcases but couldn't get hold of them locally and then also realised you needed a different type of transfer paper for dark fabrics anyway. So we went into town to pick up a few bits, eggs, dye, pillow cases, essentials we needed really.

So lets start with the egg geodes, we did a bit of research into what you need and how much etc. The ingredients:

  • Blown out egg shells cut in halves
  • Pin/Scissors
  • Glue (We used PVA)
  • Alum Powder
  • Food Colouring
  • Hot Water
  • Plastic Containers
  • Tissue
  • Patients (Not our forte!)

Step One

Use a pin or a small sharp object to puncture your egg on both ends, You then need to blow out the egg inside. Once you're left with the shell you need to carefully cut the shell in half, this is actually quite tricky. We found small little cuts worked best.

Step Two

You then need to paint the inside of the egg shell with glue, we also painted a little bit on the edge and outer shell as we thought it would look more natural. Now sprinkle that egg with Alum powder!!!

Step Three

Put the eggs aside to dry. It's time to prepare the solution! Boil the kettle. You want to mix the boiling water with alum powder into a container. We used roughly 50g of Alum powder to about 200 - 250ml of water. 

As you can see the water has gone a merky greeny/grey, this was not suppose to happen. From tutorials we have seen the water is suppose to be clear, I don't know what happened, maybe the powder we ordered wasn't genuine, (Thanks eBay) or it was a different type of alum powder. 
I cannot describe to you the smell this gave off, it wasn't pleasant at all and we felt like crazy scientist mixing dodgy chemicals haha. I did dare Lucy to drink some....don't know why she declined though.

Step Four

Once all the powder is mixed in and dissolved it's time to add your colouring!

We chose to do, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple! We guesstimated how much dye to use, they look pretty saturated though so we thought it would be fine.

Step Five

Now get back those egg shells! It's time to drop them in to the solution. We fit two halves in each container. Cover with a paper towel/tissue and allow the crystals to grow.....this takes at least 12 hours, agonising I know! 

The Finished Product??

Look how amazing they turned out!!!! Haha no not really, this was how they were suppose to look but ours didn't quite turn out this well, but still we were pretty pleased with the outcome considering we weren't too sure on the powder we used. 

 To the left you have the Yellow ones, which came out the second best I think.

To the right was suppose to be green, for some reason the crystal has gone clear and the shell is yellow, not really sure what happened here.
These are the purple ones, which kinda look blue, could have down with more red colouring, but overall these seemed to work the best.

And finally we have the blue.....I really don't know what happened to these ones lol It's funny how we did everything more or less the same but we got such different results. 


Making the pillowcases is pretty simple. You just need pillowcases (Preferably cotton) a printer and transfer paper. Lucy bought polyester one's we didn't think anything of it, but when she went to iron them they melted a bit so if you do have polyester pillowcases just make sure you have the iron on low.

We knew the designs we wanted, so we got them up on the computer ready to print, It's surprising how confusing it is to try and get a printer to flip an image, but we managed it in the end. Just make sure you follow the transfer paper instructions....otherwise you will run into a few issues.

Luck wasn't on our side this day, when Lucy went to print out her design the printer decided to bleed....yes bleed, Red ink went literally everywhere, but weirdly the colour cartridge was clean so we couldn't work out where it came from. Luckily she was able to salvage her design as you don't want to be wasting transfer paper it's quite pricey! 

This was my design, I decided to cut out the letters individually so I could space them more. The first set didn't go too well, I decided to iron each letter and then peal it off which then caused them to smudg when I went over them....duh! I also managed to burn the A somehow but I quite liked the end result it made it a little more edgy and grungy. The second pillowcase turned out fine as I didn't have the iron on as hot and I waited until the end to peal the backing off.
Here are my finished pillows :

Lucy's pillow turned out amazing, I really liked her design, I wasn't sure how well it would work on the white background but it turned out really well, Hey Lucy? did you ever get round to doing your over pillow? 
Here is Lucy's design:

Incredible right? 
Well after a day of mishaps our projects didn't go too bad considering haha. I'm looking forward to another crafty day with this cool girl :)


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